Racing the K-LOVE #95 Car

We are excited to be a part of the NASCAR race community, carrying the message of hope through the LFR K-LOVE #95 car and our driver, Michael McDowell. From NASCAR fans watching the KLOVE #95 car race at over 200 MPH to K-LOVE listeners tuning in all over the world, K-LOVE Racing engages millions of people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to strengthen you with tools and resources to get your family on track!  

Where does the #95 car race?  The #95 car will be racing at the following tracks throughout the 2016 season:

April 3 – Martinsville, VA

April 17 – Bristol, TN 

June 26 – Sonoma, CA

July 2 – Daytona, FL

Oct 23 - Talladega, AL 

Who is Michael McDowell?
A man after God’s own heart, Michael McDowell is the driver of the #95 K-LOVE car with a passion for reaching K-LOVE listeners throughout the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. As Michael has gained over 8 years of racing, he has been driving the #95 K-LOVE car at tracks throughout the nation for 3 years now. We’re excited to partner with Michael as he continues to set an example as a loving Christian, family man on and off the track. 
“We know the impact that K-LOVE has made in our own lives as a family, so to get to represent the network is a huge blessing,” says Michael. “It’s important for me to work with people who are like-minded.” 
As he has allowed God to use him, Michael has seen an active presence in the industry over the past few years. He has watched 10 ministry outreach programs and bible studies for drivers and their wives engage nearly 20 drivers! Entering his third year as the driver of the K-LOVE car, Michael says, “ I have learned to let go of it all, and let God to be in control. I know this is where God wants me to be.”
Michael has been able to connect and bridge the gap between fans. When a fan reaches out to share that they listen to K-LOVE, Michael feels the immediate connection with fans that he knows he wouldn’t have otherwise. 
Michael McDowell’s Background
Growing up in a non-Christian home, Michael never spent much time in church. He was never in the church other than to be present for funerals or weddings.  Michael says, “I always felt God’s presence but I never knew what it meant.”
After the death of a close, influential friend Ron Huber, Michael began to think about life after this world. His wife’s Aunt and Uncle invited him to church and Michael accepted Christ as his Savior. “I really saw God’s spirit working through people. God revealed himself through those people.”
Michael began to see his old life fade away as he started to grow in his faith. He remembers listening to Eminem and for the first time hearing the thought in his head, ‘this isn’t who I am, this isn’t what I’m support.” He said, “I took the cd and threw it out the window. From that day forward, I started listening to Christian music.”